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Information about Nakita-Business-Solutions


We are a full service company . We raise capitol for companies that need to grow in the private sector,to national chain stores and franchises. If you are interested in any type of business we will walk you through step by step to set up and create a flourishing thriving business of any size and kind .

Bargin Spot ; We Accept all major credit cards and checks!!!! We can set this all up for you!! YOU CAN DO IT TOO!


I have researched thousands of programs to make x=tra money as a full time or part time occupation this is # 1!!

 HOW 2 MAKE 200 DOLLARS A DAY!! FOLKS Its not a get rich quick scam .what it is ,is a proven method that if you do it right you can make $200 a day with only 2-3 hours a day u make $200.! The more effort you put into the program the more money you can make.please e-mail me 

I have a Chevy Class A motor home 4 sale it has 30k miles and is like brand new. it runs great and has all the bells and whistles e-mail me 4 more pics see more


All kinds of collectables; including antiques and electronics, many wonderful and unique things for sale.


If anyone has any Business Questions or Questions about my sale items there is a question page you can reach me      God Bless you All----Deborah